How can I contribute to Kaffeehouse?

There are two ways you can contribute. The first one is by registering as a user which allows you to upload translations and comment on literature. The second way is to request to be a 'Trusted Translator' which allows you to upload your translations without any validation from the Kaffeehouse team.


What user types does Kaffeehouse have?

There are three user types. The first is a user browsing through the website without any registration. That user will not be able to contribute. The second is a registered user. This user can write comments, take part in the forum discussions and upload translations for validation by the Kaffeehouse team. The third user type is a 'Trusted Translator'. This user can upload a translation and it will show on Kaffeehouse without any validation.


How do I become a Trusted Kaffeeghouse Translator?

You simply have to email the Kaffeehouse team. Best kevin@www.d1335778-47314.cp.blacknight.com or info@www.d1335778-47314.cp.blacknight.com. We will then contact you and upgrade your account.


Why should I contribute to Kaffeehouse and upload my translation?

Every translation is linked to your name. Its a great way to promote your work and get feedback from the community.


How do I register with Kaffeehouse?


How can I upload my translation?


How can I navigate Kaffeehouse?